New on Trainerday. Going premium?

I’m a 66 year old male, riding for fitness and health, not interesting in racing.

Last year I tested TraningPeaks for my outdoor rides, bought a plan (which was too hard for me). After my free premium period ended, I only use TR for creating and downloading workouts to my Garmin 530.

Joined also Strava last year, but only for logging, and I’m not interested comparing me with others or setting any speed records.

I bought a smart trainer some months ago and joined Kinomap. It’s a nice application where you can cycle in different environments. But if you are interested of structured plans/workouts, It’s not so good.

After Kinomap I tested was Sufferfest. It’s a nice app but I didn’t like their plans with 4-5 workouts a week (century plan). It’s too much for me. I rather do not more then 3, because I also do strength training twice a week.

So I switched application again. Now to TrainerRoad, which I’m still using and doing their low volume SS-plan. My plan is/was to continue with TR until my outdoor season starts in april, and then create my own plans.

And then I found some weeks ago TrainerDay. And I can’t make my mind up I if shall abandon TR and get a premium account here or not. The monthly fee is lower, but that’s not important for me. I have read all information on the website about all features of TD.

As I said, when my outdoor season starts, I probably will create my own workouts. And I’m not sure if TD will help me with this so much.

If you want to create your own workouts our workout creator is the best :slight_smile: You can use our workout creator for free and download MRC files and load to the TR workout creator. If you want to change workouts often and potentially create something and ride it instantly ours is better. Ours let’s you start a warmup and switch to another workout based on how you feel and if you are watching a movie and just want it to auto extend it does…

If you don’t care about price and really want to follow a calendar based plan then TR is probably the better option. TR is much more mature and has a lot of small things that likely make it better for some people. Our focus is the self-coached athlete and theirs is more towards the follow our plan route but you can still do what you want on TR. Really you can’t go wrong with either. My style of riding fits TD better but TR is great and inspired us to build what we have.

I have tested the TR workout creator, but I found to be little difficult to use. The workout creator on TraingPeaks is much better and easy to use, but I shall test the TD creator also.

Yes agreed their workout creator is painful. Ours is much better than TP also :slight_smile: meaning it is about 10X faster to create cycling power based workouts.

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My two cents on this: TrainerDay to create your workouts (or plans) and look to for your analysis, if you’re interested in that.

As for the indoor season, you may want to consider monthly, quarterly or half-year plans you can put on hold during the outdoor season.

If you’re interested in using your smart trainer to ride virtually, you have a score to choose from. My personal favourite here is BigRingVR, but Rouvy or VeloReality are also good for ‘real world’ footage.

Obviously, Tacx TDA also, but that’s probably the more expensive option and it may be cumbersome to run. They on ly offer monthly or yearly plans, I think.