Power COntrol delayed

Do you have iOS or Android?


To be exact it’s not the same; for me the problem happens only when I start and never after this initial occurrence.

If I understood it right that problem happens every now and then thus even though they seem similar they are different behaviors :tipping_hand_man:t2:

@Postmeister has exactly the same as you. We are going to try very hard to get this fixed asap

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Thanks, how about having two separate signals to tell the trainer right power level ie. setting the power also after telling trainer to go in ERG-mode?

Because if the app is working right fir mis adding a second command for for adjusting the power level shouldn’t do any harm I guess.

Also, when you have a beta for fix I’m happy to test it :ok_hand:

It works correctly like this now. It works correctly for 95% of the trainers. It’s just for some reason it does not work correctly on a few. @Postmeister has a Neo or Neo 2 and I have a Neo 2T and a Wahoo. It works correctly on both of my trainers as well as thousands of other peoples. Are you willing to do a small test with my developer one on one in real time? Usually he can fix things in 30-minutes on Android because he can do real-time updates. Not sure how long this process will take with iOS, hopefully less than 60-minutes of your time and you can spend it riding on the trainer :slight_smile: If so I will send you my contact info in direct message.

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I also thought this is a problem for few. Maybe it’s older Tacx models related as they might share components and/or code?

Pls, send the info :+1: