Power Match not working well on shorter intervals

Crap. Our tester had mentioned he saw this before too but he always sees things no one else does… :slight_smile: So I had not prioritized it yet. We will look at this ASAP now that i understand the problem. This seems to be an Android only problem.

today I was tuning my setup a little bit. Like MedTechCD mentioned.
The Powermatch difference is now much smaller. But at Powerchange
the first 3-4 seconds are sometimes a little bit heavy…
And if I go out of the saddle, my tire is slipping now… but that I have not to do for TrainerDay workout. so its ok.

Here a Screenshot

This is looking way better. Glad to hear. Yes our app takes 10-20 seconds to react to power changes and your trainer might be overshooting these targets as well. Someday we need to create a new version of power match that works with short intervals. You could change your workouts to ramp starts and see if that helps. Let me know if you need me to visually explain what I mean by ramp starts.

Hi there, just wanted to vote for a Powermatch 2.0, would be (for me personally) the best improvement to the wonderful app. I need Powermatch since my good ol Neo gen. 1 is a bit too harsh on me with the power numbers and I want a consistent experience with my outdoor powermeter. Right now I need to switch off powermatching for short intervals (and then reduce the workout intensity) which is a bit annoying……

Thanks Felix, yes I know Power Match 2.0 is desperately needed for people doing hard intervals. For most people I just suggest to turn it off on these hard intervals. We will definitely do a 2.0 version I am just not sure how soon.