Release 1.8.31 - Ok Done... Might loose your settings

I feel like a broken record regarding losing your settings. This should be the last time I talk about this and the last time it happens. For Android there is nothing new other than the settings fix for iOS users this is much better performance than the previous production release because I did not update iOS last time when some Android users had problems.

Today’s morning ride, everything went as expected. Settings look good and stayed in place, workouts pushed to both Strava and TP, everything ran smoothly :+1: . I have a longer ride tomorrow, expecting the same but I’ll let you know if anything is different than today’s ride.

Thanks for the quick fix!

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Today i updated my old iPad Mini 2 and with the official 1.8.31 timer was good. Next time i will listen to TuneIN radio also.

An interval average power would be very useful! Because i have a Vortex, powermatch fit power target only after 30 seconds. Today i did 3x14 30 seconds VO2max, so i had to check lap average power for a 30 second interval ( with Garmin Edge ) and it was 340, so i did with -8 % and intervals was 320 average (the required target) and target was 301. So average power would be great so i should not use garmin to check interval average power.

@komivesg I have a Vortex too. Try this to get the Vortex closer overall:

  • Set your tire pressure as normal
  • Warmup your trainer 10 min endurance zone and 2 min high tempo should be enough
  • Do a spindown calibration
  • Check power from Vortex and Power Meter without Powermatch somewhere in Tempo zone. Power meter on Edge and Vortex on App for example
  • If Vortex power is too high (higher then your Power Meter), add some tension on the roller by turning the trainer adjustment knob 1/4 turn counterclockwise
  • If Vortex is lower then Power Meter release tension by turning the knob 1/4 turn clockwise

From there on, don’t do any spindown calibration anymore but just make sure you have the same tire pressure.
It will still not be perfect but much closer except for the first couple minutes of the session when the trainer is still cold.
Since i’ve done this, Powermatch corrects around 20W at the start (cold) and after about 5min, the correction is limited to a couple watts for all steady state intervals. For HIIT, you probably will still need to correct a bit by using Lap Avg as you do now.

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Great to hear. Please create feature request for avg pwr. We currently have very limited room on the UI and I don’t want have user selectable fields yet but if enought people want it I will definitly consider it. Sometimes just thinking about something long enough a nice solution will emerge. Secondly you could request better power match that predictably catches those peaks at the beginning, probably a nicer solution.

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