Rider+BikeWeight in App

Hey there,

First of All I wanted to say thank you.
You´re offering exactly what I was looking for, when I first joined. Just a straight forward approach at a very reasonable price. I´m a little time crunched, as most of you probably are, and with TrainerDay it just doesn´t feel too bad not to use the App for a while.

Now up to my recent problem: When I set my bike and rider weight online, it does not transfer to the App, resulting in pretty unrealistic milage values.
Maybe I´m getting something wrong here, but it would be nice if you could look it up.

All the best from Germany,


Hi Jan, so great to have you :slight_smile: actually the way we calculate milage it does not matter what is in the app. We are optimistic on how we calculate speed and distance (go to link below) but if you are refering to what is going to Strava you can add climbs and slow things down. That said we have a build coming out soon that will slow it down slightly. Since this is the second person suggesting it is too fast we might have to find add another setting to our web settings.

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