StagesBike issues?

Hey there - new to the app - does anybody use this with a StagesBike SB20?

What this app does would be perfect for me, but when trying to use ERG mode the readouts seem a bit strange. For example, if 100W is currently set, the average wattage I’m pushing is apparently 60W, although it does feel harder than it should.

I found a screenshot to show what i’m talking about. The FTP threshold for this was set to 180 at the time.

Keen to know if this is a known bug at all or what I could do to help troubleshoot it…


Did you check “Account and Additional settings” on the settings page?
You can activate Powermatch to align your Power Meter and Trainer. Also check the “Double Single Side Power” setting and make sure it is correct for your situation.
With PowerMatch ON you will have feedback on the Trainer page of what it is doing. It takes about 20 sec at the start of a workout to “calibrate”.

I appreciate the fast reply. I have tried with it on and off. When it’s on, it’s pretty well matched (which is what I would expect of a smart bike, if my understanding of how it works is correct).

I just did a quick free cycle and compared the power readout from the StagesBike app on a different phone, and it’s nearly a double difference to the readout on TrainerDay. The RPM readout is fine. I’ve flicked around “double single side power” with no effect, nor would I expect there to be with my current setup… although i’m pretty new to all this.

Sorry I am not fully understanding the problem. I see in your screenshot that the white power line did not go to the blue target. It sounds like you are also using both a power meter and your bike with power match? A screenshot while you are riding would help understand better if you are using power match. Power match should look like below. But are you saying it feels like 100w but it shows 80w? If you have a Ant+ bike computer you can show both on your bike computer and our app on the same time to get a more clear picture.

Hi Alex, I appreciate the response.

I’ve been messing with it some more and managed to get it working great. I had paired the app with the bike AND the power meters to try fix a different problem (below). Once I unpaired the power meters, power readings and ERG are fine. I’m really happy with it.

The only thing that isn’t perfect is the cadence which drops out periodically (a few times every 10 seconds), where BPM drops to “0”. Not sure if this affects the post-ride statistics or anything else, but just so you know.

Anyway thanks!

Really great to hear!!! :slight_smile: Sorry to hear about your cadence problems. I think I know what the problem is. So far it has only affected Tacx Neo users but it sounds like you might be affected as well. You can see other forum posts talking about this. This is fixed for our Neo users in our current beta version and we are really hoping that will be available for everyone early this week. Also hopefully that resolves your issue as well. I believe it will.

Here is one
Cadence is not stable on a few devices

Making sure I am responding here. This was resolved a couple weeks ago. (the zero rpm issue)