Training and cadence

This isn’t a feature request as such but depending on what knowledgeable folk here say could become one. I have a basic understanding that using different cadence to achieve the same power output impacts on the body then subsequent adaptation in different ways. I think some other training apps (maybe Sufferfest) have target cadence values in some workouts.
So my question for here is what is everyone’s opinion on the usefulness of including target cadence as a value in a workout and is it feasible within erg or mrc files? If so on the latter then is it something that could form part of the Trainerday app development path as a target vs actual cadence data display field?
I completely get that I could just vary my cadence myself and keep a mental note of that during a workout but screen prompts would help be more disciplined about it.
So, thoughts very welcome as I also hope to learn something here!

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