Upload GPX, TCX and FIT files from outdoors to ride indoors (COMPLETED)

This feature is partially completed (ERG only at this time). You can upload outdoor workouts and ride them with the same power targets in ERG mode. It does 1-minute averaging. This will also work with automated slope mode in the next 2-weeks.

You can see

  1. The slope in the editor, that will be supported in our new slope mode in the app later this week.
  2. When converting watts to ERG we set a minimum of 30% of FTP as it does not make sense to drop it lower than that. In slope mode stopping pedalling on some trainers and bikes might make more sense.

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thanks Alex for the quick reply, in the next few days I will try to import some files and see the correspondence on my tacx neo2t.
being new, i’m studying a bit the functions of the site for users, i was interested in coach jack to create programs, once i pass premium i will start to do some tests and i think i will come back to ask you for more information, for now thanks and see you soon.

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