A coach wanting to share workouts with his athletes

Hi. I’m a coach and I want to send training to my athletes. Is it possible? I want to create the drills and send them. Thanks

Hello José and welcome . We have one coach that creates multiple free TrainerDay accounts and sends them to the atheletes Garmin account.

Obviously TrainingPeaks is the most popular solution. IntervalsICU also has this coaching feature that allows something like this but I have not tested it. Another options of what you can do is just send a link to your athletes from our site and then they can push it to their own garmin account or to our training app.

Thank you so much Alex for your response. I’m going to buy for a month to try it out. Is there any video or writing you can help me do?

You are welcome. How are you distributing your workouts? Are they using Garmin devices and you want to send them there? Or do they want to use our training app?

You can just tell your clients to sign-up for TrainerDay (and connect to Garmin or what ever they want).

Then send them a link to a workout like this

Then after they get the workout from you and are signed into their account the can send to Garmin or do what they want with it. Like this below.

thank you Alex. I have athletes with garmin and without garmin what can I tell them to download the trainerday app and train.

Oh yes so when you send them a link to a workout they can just click ride now (if they are using our app). You can also create private plans and share them with them or private lists and share them.

Alex can i send to intervals.iuc with can i create a group and they can see the workouts?

I don’t know how intervals ICU works for Coaches. You don’t need intervals ICU in the solution I suggested above. If you create a list in TrainerDay you can share that with your students in our platform and when you make changes they will see it. But you can also distribute workouts to Intervals ICU but as I said I am not sure how it works once you get them there :slight_smile:

Okay Alex I’ll pay for a month to see how it goes. If I like it, can I buy a year?

Hello Alex bought two months premium. When it’s over, do you want to renew or not? If you have any more questions I ask for help thank you

Alex, I don’t understand how I can share the workouts I want to create and send to my athletes

We have one coach that creates multiple free TrainerDay accounts and sends them to the atheletes Garmin account.
Can you explain to me how I do this to send training to them

You just create a new account for each athlete (free accounts are fine) and then logout of your account and into theirs and connect their account to Garmin (need their garmin username and password), and then find the workout you want (via private link) for example and press send to garmin. It’s not very convienient having to login and logout all the time but it is free :slight_smile:

those who do not have a garmin da account through the app if they enter with my login

Sorry Alex, I don’t understand, I create the accounts, leave the accounts and send them as trainings

You could do it that way but I don’t think users will like it as most want to save their workouts and their workouts would be combined with everyone elses. Each user creates their own account and you either do one of these three things

  1. Send them a private list from the “my workouts page”
  2. Create them a private plan and send it to them
  3. Send them links directly to specific workouts

Once you do one of those things the user can

  1. Click ride now on their phone
  2. add to their own library (my workouts) and see them in our training app
  3. Go to the workout or plan and send it to garmin.

If you want to do it all for them with Garmin you can create seperate accounts and push to their garmin accounts. I can try to create video soon to expain some of these options but it would likely be next week sometime.

thank you Alex. But athletes must have premium accounts otherwise they can’t send it to garmin or in the app. What I did but it can’t be, was ask for a garmin account and send it through my account so I can already send the trainings. All I have to do is log in and out of the account. But they may not like to ask for private data.
I had to include a task in the program to make this easier and more practical, otherwise I’ll have to see another platform

Athletes don’t need a paid account to send to Garmin, this is a free feature. They must pay if they want to use custom workouts with our training app.

Really our platform is not made for coaches to manage athletes. It’s a sharing platform and it’s a workout creation platform and it’s a training app. If you want to manage athletes it’s better to use TrainingPeaks or IntervalsICU as they both have this feature. You still might find you like using our platform and then sending workouts to intervalsICU or TP, which is a free feature. Many coaches use our platform but not necessarily for managing athletes. A few also use it for managing athletes but not that many that I know of.

It sounds like you can do everything you want for free, except using our training app. Not sure if this helps.