A newbie hello and a question about importing and slope mode

A quick hello first and so glad I found you! After a few years of my Neo being put away in the shed and all my rides being outdoors for fun, I’ve decided I need a bit of structure and as much as I hate myself for it, I have to admit I’m put off by bad weather and don’t ride much more than I’d like to admit! So the turbo is dusted off and a training plan (indoor and outdoor) is on my to do list.

Subscribed to all the usual indoor platforms before but Trainerday looks just what I need right now. A great workout generator and library, links to TP and Strava, the app looks good for controlling the Neo and the price is pretty amazing too! But above all the tone of the welcome emails from Alex and the general welcoming vibe seems brilliant.

To my question…I’m recovering from a lung infection so just messing around with what can be done at this stage, so maybe when used in anger I’ll understand better anyway…I’ve tried using the import mode to generate a workout. Importing in a GPX with power data seem to work no bother to create an ERG workout. But bringing in routes without power has me stumped. Firstly, GPX files of routes plotted in Strava don’t seem to work all the time - I get “no steps were found” some of the time with some file. TCX files seem more reliable to successfully upload. Is that common? Secondly, when I import them in successfully I get a different number of workout rows and different data for a GPX to a TCX. Again is that normal? I’m assuming it’s cutting the route into equal sized chunks and calculating the straight line slope between the points. But the data in the time column is different between the GPX and the TCX imports. I’ve pasted in what I’ve got below. This might be a really silly question once I’ve actually ridden a workout generated like this, but is the time in the time column actually relevant? Or if I ride hard does the time reduce faster and if I ride easier the time reduce slow - i.e. is it the ‘virtual’ estimated distance up a given slope I’m covering or is it just converting each section of the route it into a line of timed slope gradient?

I hope that makes sense! Anyway, looking forward to getting stuck into what’s available with the site and app. Thanks.

The route as plotted on Strava then exported

How is appears in TD when imported as a GPX

How it appears in TD when imported as a TCX

Thanks so much for the nice comments. Are the two screenshots of the same workout? If you can email me the two files we can check it out. support@trainerday.com

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