Activities uploads (RESOLVED)


I’m having some issues after finishing and recording the training, as it’s not uploading directly to any app that is connected to Trainer Day, like Strava, Training Peaks and even Dropbox.

The only way I found to solve it was to manually record it in Dropbox and then upload it to Garmin Connect, which synchronizes with the other applications (Strava and Training Peaks)

Anyone else with the same problem?


I will test now. Can you send a link to your workout?

I just tested a hard workout (see below :slight_smile: ) and no problem. We have monitoring in place and I am not seeing any issues.

Thank you for your reply

Here’s one of the activities that wasn’t sync automatically

Ok, I sent this to my developer to check.

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Sorry my developer was sick for the last few days, he is going to check on this.

After the update everything was fine.
Problem solved

Thanks a lot

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