Add 3 Week Cycles to Coach Jack

I would like the ability to select phase duration of 4 or 3 weeks when building an Automated Coach Jack plan.

I’m almost through the build phase of my Coach Jack plan (1 more cycle of Serious Italian) and then onto peaking for my race in Sept. The end of the last 2 builds I’ve been very fatigued, I’m fine after the individual rides it’s the total loading at the end. I’m recovered for the next cycle and haven’t had any issues in that regard either. Maybe this is exactly where I’m supposed to be after a build cycle but I’m almost useless for a couple days into the recovery week.

I had no issues with 4 week duration doing Base++

Yes some people really need more rest at times, I don’t think you should be this tired so it sounds like a 3 week would be perfect for you. One other person requested this and we really, really need it. I will do everything I can to get this prioritized soon.


This is coming this week.


Ok this is finally done.