Add blink to screen on interval changes (DONE)

Regarding this topic, I have a different setup and can‘t really use the sound alerts. I‘m watching netflix on Apple TV and my headphones are connected to this ATV. TrainerDay is running on the iPad. It‘s impossible to hear the sound of the iPad while I‘m watching a movie with headphones on the ATV :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to make a visual signal like black/white blinking of the screen a few seconds before an interval.

I know, first world problems :wink: It‘s just an idea and maybe there are hearing-impaired cyclists that would also benefit from a visual solution.

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Another Apple TV user here (so no audio from iPhone on stem running TrainerDay).

A blink would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I like this idea of some big flash. I think on changes > 20? Percenct

What do you guys think about a flash like this? Maybe slightly longer…

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Looking good. Maybe a double flash at the beginning of the interval and a single flash at the end?

Yeah a dobule blink in general might even be good for both. I am guessing if you are looking at the screen there is a good chance you know if it is going up or down in power without needing to differentiate up and down. Let’s look at a single blink and then I think it’s easy to add a double blink if it is not obvious enough.

I like it Alex :+1:

I also think a double flash would be more eye catching, and perhaps some people will prefer it off so a toggle in settings might be good.

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I have moved all the blink request stuff out of the “beep” request thread. As I think people still want other beep options. But for now I have the flash option coming out today/tomorrow. For now it is a single flast but if we need to change it to a double we can.