Add Fields to workout rowing creation

Hello again from Mallorca Alex! I have a water rower First degree Fitness Viking 3 V with ble module. And the connection with app works perfect, and all the data are read perfectly.
Thanks to add the chance to use rowing with your app.
I would like to make som suggestions, all about the creation of workouts for rowing. Add Distance and power to create a workout.
Would be perfect be able to add fields overall like distance and power. For exemple 1000 meters at 100 w.
Not only distance or split rythm. I think is a little bit limited.

The best exemple with one of the best apps easy and simple that I’ve used is coxswain.
If you have a “waterrower machine” it’s perfect on the smartphone. But doesn’t work perfectly with others brands.
Big numbers, when you set a distance, the app start a countdown until 0. if you add at distance a watt limit for this 1000m you see big numbers, and the field of power show you the value with green field when you .in the limit, (+00, +07,+010…)… if you stroke down limit appears the power with a red field with -01, -011, for exemple.

Sorry for my english. I hope you could take a look at the app… rowing is more stronger than biking, and could be fantastic add this features. The app for biking is perfect, but when you row you need to focus in a clear field or 2 fields as much.

Cosxwain Adroid

Take a look at coxswain and is funcionality if you can…

Sorry I saw this and completely forgot. I am a little sick today but should respond in the next couple days.

Thank you Alex! You’re allways pleasent and attented to every message.

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Hello again. Some news about workout editor about targets addition… Power. Time Duration and Distance… For example 20 minutes at 120w or 1000 meters at 100w…etc.
Please that would be great and necessary to play workout session rowing

Thanks a lot