Add FIT Files to Dropbox - or fix TCX Files?


I’m not sure if it is a bug, or a feature request.

I used the TrainerDay App for some workouts and the sync to Strava works great.
I also connected Dropbox to get the TCX Files in a handy folder to upload them to Garmin Connect … but Garmin Connect refused the TCX Files with an error.

When I download the FIT Format from the website everything uploads fine.

So I’m not sure whats easier :wink:


Strange. I think Garmin changed their file requirements. We will modify our TCX asap or add fit to Dropbox. Probably the later

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No real rush there - I can work it manually at the moment :slight_smile:

I found the TCX files from various sources don’t work (Kinomap is one I remember)


You know what is interesting Frank is that my developer downloaded your TCX and uploaded to his GC account with no problem. He did it from both web and dropbox. He said if you could provide the error it would help

See example below.