Add import workout from training peaks

I would like to have an import workout button on trainerday app from training peaks if possible or any other 3rd party sofwares, it would make easy for sending my training peaks workouts to intervals icu via trainerday… curently i have to create each of my workouts from trainingpeaks in trainerday which consumes time.

i just moved to TrainerDay from another similar app.
Basically i have a personal coach who set up my workouts on trainingpeaks and i would like to import them in a Personal Plan on TrainerDay but it’s seems not possible.

Hi Daniel, correct we can’t import from TrainingPeaks but you can set TP WOD in our apps and devices page and on the plan tab in our app you will see your TP calendar (the next 5 days).

Thanks, yes i already saw that features and i set it up.
I would like also to see the same calendar on the wep app in my browser and then synch it with google calendar too but i can’t.

Yes, the problem is TP would not like us to do this. They don’t want us migrating all their users off their platform to ours which is possible if we implement this. We are careful to protect this relationship as we feel it is good for us and the cycling community.

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