Add Landscape Mode to Phones - 8 Votes already

We have it for iPad but not for phones.

See previous requests here

Apologies if this has been posted, but is it possible to add a feature for the screen to turn when I lay my iPhone horizontally?

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Looks like it’s been posted already. You should be able to follow along with, comment on, and vote for it here:

Yes I just moved this under this request, you can vote for this one. We are up to 10-votes. This is a bit complicated so I am avoiding it so far but seems like people really want this.

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Hi, I am new and just did one single ride yesterday - overall a very good first experience!

But the main thing that bothered me was actually that the visualizations are fixed. I am fine with portrait mode but you should allow to turn around the phone by 180°.

Simple reason: the headphone connector / charging cable port is on the iPhone’s bottom. I use the phone on the table in front of my trainer, in a wedge. If I cannot turn the phone sideways or upside down I cannot connect anything :frowning:

Welcom Geraldaut, happy to have you. My phone holder actual has space at the bottom for cables. Upside down portrait would be a lot simpler than horizontal view. If that is super simple I will see if we can do it sooner than later.

Geraldaut, my developer tried to do this but it turned out to be more complex than we thought due to the popup orientation and stuff so we will consider this with supporting landscape mode. This has 17 votes so a lot of people want it compared to most other tasks, so we will definitely consider it.

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