Add Running workouts to TrainerDay


I’m a Trainerday supporter, thanks for simplifying my indoor cycling experience.

Due to time constraints, I usually train early every day in my “pain cave”, where I have a zBike (Smart ZBike 2.0 | Bicicleta inteligente indoor | Tecnología puntera) and a treadmill.

For my bike, trainerday has everything I was claiming, no more to add.

In fact, I was using zwift for indoor cycling but now I use trainerday.

I use my treadmill with zwift and this pedometer to send the running data to zwift (Runn™ - Zwift).

With the Runn device, zwift receives via bluetooth the speed and cadence of my running session and that’s all I need to display the important data from my running session and log it later in zwift (and it automatically uploads to Garmin Connect).

Just FYI, I have a Garmin Forerunner 245 that supports virtual running.

I would like to use trainerday for my running sessions in the same way as my indoor cycling sessions, but my attempts were unsuccessful (to be honest, I didn’t spend much time on it).
Now my perception is that in trainerday you can’t see the speed in the session data, can you?

I would be perfect if you could run indoor while you are viewing the basic data (time, heart frecuency and speed ). The speed would came from Runn podometer via bluetooth.

is this possible?

Thanks in advance and thanks for your trainerday strategy.

Nice request. Let us consider this. I like it and it does not sound so hard, I will get back to you.

thanks for your quick reply !

It would be perfect to stablish Trainerday as my “all in one” training solution.

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Yes running on TD, i dream about it !

Any chance the ttreadmill is Bluetooth capable and controllable?

There are some modern treadmills that have that capability.

When I was thinking of buying mine, I looked at several.

Obviously, there are very different prices depending on the quality and technology supported.

I finally bought a Nordictrack T10.

Until now I thought that my threadmill can be controlled from ifit app, but not with other apps like zwift, etc…

But… I recently discovered Kinni ( which allows to connect via bluetooth with my treadmill and control it.
In my case, my treadmill model was not officially supported but the app has an “experimental” section where I can connect it and it works .

Sometimes when I am traveling and use the hotel gym I can use technogym treadmills that have several interesting functionalities like automatic speed control to keep your heart rate set.

This functionality is very very interesting for running but I don’t know how to use it on treadmills other than technogym.

I hope it has helped you.

As a mantra, I would like to have an app that works like Trainerday, so flexible and simple, but that I can use it both for the indoor bike and for my treadmill.

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@juanrancho : Thnks you ! This appli is awesome !!!

Yeah this looks cool. I am happy to take the next steps and expand on what we do which is allow creating shareable running workouts and executing those in our app based on power or virtual power. It could be like we do swimERG and rowERG now and we do show speed and distance since we did not need the + - functionality since they are not controllable. We would probably avoid trying to control smart trainers any time in the near future.

As a triathlete, this sounds like music to my ears!

TD is well suited to be a database for multi-sport workouts. I would love to have the ability to create/search running workouts and sync them with Garmin (not that much different from the existing cycling workouts really!)

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Picking up the topic. Would it be possible, for a beginning, to just display the workout even though we have to set the speed and incline on the treadmill on our own?

This sounds like an easy solution, and would integrate running very nicely. Of course I understand it’s more under the hood as running usually is pace-based and not so much power based (and even if it is, treadmills still are pace-based).

Would be great and I could use TD for all my workouts.

Do these treadmills output power in standardized cycling power way? Or how would you record or see the data in TD? If there is a simple and useful solution I would explore it.

Power is not as clear as in cycling. As my treadmill is old it doesn’t send any data, but my Stryd footpod does, and so does my Garmin HRM. However the Watts these two report are very different.

But they report speed and cadence as well, and I think this is the way to go - at least to start with. All treadmills can be set to a given speed (and incline). If a WO would display the necessary speed that would be fine for a beginning. Reading the speed from a sensor (or the treadmill) would be the comparison for the WO.

Going with power would mean that you have a translation table somewhere (or in your head) as treadmills cannot be set for power. Not a real problem, if it makes things easier.

Can you try our app some time and switch it to swimming or rowing and see if speed and distance are picked up? They show at the bottom. Just see if they are not 0 because it is not kph/mph but seconds per 500m or something…

I tried and that’s what I saw:

  • I could connect to the Stryd (however the sensor is listed as “cycling power”)
  • The Garmin HRM-Pro was connected as HRM but I could not connect it for the running metrics
  • There was neither speed nor distance shown or recorded, however power was shown (I tried it both, as SwimErg and as RowErg, and they collected the same data).

I saved the tests to my activities, so if you can access this data, you should be able to see them. Here’s the respective screenshot

If you want to have a look at a file that collected both Stryd and Garmin HRM-data, I add a link to the file of my run on Saturday here.

For what it’s worth, after the tests I did a workout on the Concept2 (connected via PainSled app) and it didn’t record speed either (and some other strange things, but I’ll put that in the C2-thread).

Ok this helps clarify what we would need to do thanks.

Would love this function. Also have the run pod. Use the HR for monitoring my runs atm- so just being able to change the picture from bike to run would make the overview of my activities easier was well. Thanks for a great product!

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