Add tagging to workouts (COMPLETED)

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A few users have requested being able to tag workouts to make them easier to find. And a way to filter by tag.

Seconded. I’m interested in Tags that carry over to Zwift, so that Workouts and Plans that I get from TD get grouped properly on Zwift, instead of ending in a never-ending default grouping as happens now.

With the ability for us to edit, add, remove said Tags as we wish.

Much appreciated.

Oh very interesting. I did not realize Zwift had tagging. How are you getting your workouts from TD to Zwift? I am sure TrainingPeaks does not support tagging so you would have to download ZWO (assuming zwo supports tagging). I really like this if it works as you suggest.

Oh yes I see ZWO file supports tagging.

So we have added tagging (private and public tags) and that tagging is included in ZWO file exports and searchable

A public tag is a tag that the original workout author adds when creating or editing a public workout. A private tag is a tag that anyone can add for their own personal use for any workout in our library.

What we have not done yet is add a tag to Plans (including Coach Jack) ZWO files yet.

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Can you explain how you would like to tag a plan? When downloading the plan in ZWO format you can add a tag to all ZWO files indicating the plan name or month(s) or something, or individually tag each workout differently in a plan?

Looking at workouts on Zwift, it’s able to hierarchically parse tags, so I have workouts that appear as: Workouts
(click on) Back to Fitness -> (click on) Week {1,2,…,12} then several workouts are listed for that particular week.
Other workouts appear as (click on) Workout of the Week-> one or more workouts are listed.
How is that being done? It would be ideal if an arbitrary depth of tags was supported by TrainerDay just like Zwift does.

It makes multi-week workouts or plans appear in a very structured grouping, versus individually untagged workouts just appearing mixed with many other untagged workouts.

For tags from a TD plan, at a minimum the top tag would be the title of the Plan, the 2nd level tag would be the week and you probably still would want workout names that imply an order to them (D1 or Day 1 abcd, D2 or Day 2 efgh, etc.)

For comparison, from older TD plans that I have on Zwift, they currently appear uncategorized, and you achieved some common grouping by having names that started W01D1 abcd, etc…
But once I have uploaded several TD plans there, all of these similarly named workouts would get mixed up with each other unless I made sure to delete Plans and only have one uploaded to Zwift at any one time.

I’m not sure if Zwift only supports a primary tag, or if it could display the same workout under different top level tags, that would allow to find a workout either under the plan and week that it is filed under, or by alternate keywords such as me tagging that it is a VO2Max workout for when I’m looking for that type of workout to do.

I’ll play with whatever tags have been implemented on TD so far this coming weekend.
Let me know if you’d like a copy of a sample workout from Zwift that has hierarchical tags applied.

From TD to Zwift, it’s a bit crude.
Download from TD, install .zwo in a Workouts folder for Zwift user directory, next time that Zwift runs, it uploads any new workouts.
Mind you, when I run Zwift, it’s usually on Apple TV, I don’t run it on a computer or a phone.
So if I’m interested in doing a TD workout on Zwift, I have to first upload it from a computer before it can become available to me again on AppleTV.

It’s 2022, there should be options on the Zwift app to upload a workout from the local filesystem or to point it to a URL to grab it from.