Add to favourites doesn't work

The +add button is red in the app and it’s not responding when I press it. If the workout already is a favourite it’s not possible to remove it from the list. Tried reinstalling app without success. Please can you look into this?

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Oh yes, someone else reported this. We will get this fixed ASAP.

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Is this still an issue as I am having the same problem.
Also on a black background it is almost impossible to see the added link or the zone if it is in red

This is fixed and works fine for me and I don’t see what you mean about color problems. And you send me screenshots so I understand. If you need to see a video on how to see add working, let me know.

See attached screenshot. Added at the bottom has no impact at all. I assume that is how you remove a favourite workout.
The ‘added’ icon is more visible now than it was earlier in the day when the light was much brighter

Ok it must have something to do with being on a tablet or landscape mode we will test this. Yes really add to favorites should be very obvious, I agree.