Added Vasa SwimERG support w/o affecting cyclists

So have traditionally been a cycling only platform. We have been working with Vasa Training to add support for their very interesting SwimERG machines.

Vasa is the leader in the industry for triathletes and swimmers that want to do training in their home and don’t have a pool. Vasa trainers make swimmers faster. These swimmers traditionally following structured workouts like cyclists.

We have paid special attention not to show cyclists showing swim workouts and plans so you must enable “SwimERG” if you want to use swimming workouts. The non-vasa or power based swim user will see no effect of these changes.

Right now we will be in the process of adding swim workouts and plans as well as finding volunteers to add some.

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Love the option to have Vasa as a sport!
Question on the workouts - when the workouts call for damper door changes - do you pause it or just let time keep going?

I’ve had my vasa since 2017 - GAME Changer for me as an adult swimmer. :slight_smile:

Welcome TriAnn, we are not SwimERG experts. I am in close contact with Keith at Vasa so I asked if he would answer your question. I believe I know the right answer but I want him to confirm first :slight_smile:

Hi TriAnn, thanks for the question. I would recommend you have your settings in the app set to not auto-pause (ie: let the timer run). Most swim workouts have rest intervals built in where you are “sitting on the wall” for a short amount of time waiting for the next interval to start. Those rest intervals are the time to change the damper door settings if necessary. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions. Happy Training!