Adding beat sound to help maintain the cadence

I would suggest adding a sound function that signals the given cadence (for both pedals). The frequency could be automatically adjusted if there is a given cadence in the training. And in a situation where it is not defined in the training - it is turned on by pressing a button on the screen if the correct cadence is reached.

Interesting idea. I know runners find music with specific BPM to follow. There are apps to find music with certain BPM for example. Let’s see if others want this.

Maybe in resistance mode it would work, but in ERG mode it’s too difficult (I’ve tried to match the beat of the music). Between the flywheel weight (which slows down your reaction time) and the resistance constantly changing, it’s very difficult to be that exact with the RPM.

For reference, in spin class with just a flywheel and fixed resistance, I was able to do it pretty well.

I didn’t mean music, I meant a beep that would allow each leg to rhythmically press the pedals (kind of like a metronome), the frequency of which for each leg would be consistent with the cadence set in the training task and/or set by the exerciser himself. In EGR mode, this is easy as the current preset power in the training program at a constant cadence is kept fairly constant by the trainer.
This additional mode will also allow you to train on equal work and maintaining a constant cadence for both legs, which I have a slight problem with.

What about this? or you can buy an cheap metronome :slight_smile: Just talking ideas here.

I use an app like this during my workouts
but unfortunately when I change the cadence in a training task, the rhythm set in this application remains.
Implementing such a function in TrainerDay app in my opinion would increase its training functionality. In any case, I miss it. Because I wouldn’t have to keep track on my smartphone screen of my current cadence and whether it is the same as in the training task, because I would hear that either I don’t keep the rhythm or it has changed.

Ok, I clearly understand. Let’s see if other people want this functionality as well. I have never tried pedaling to a metronome, maybe I will have to try it some time :slight_smile:

Such pedaling in an even rhythm for both legs has an advantage that you distribute the power almost exactly the same on both pedals, assuming that the load set in the exercise does not change. That’s why I came up with the idea of using a metronome, because I’m pushing one leg harder, which manifests itself as over-powering it and generally uneven and weaker power distribution.

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