Adding maps to strava, add to TraininerPeaks and Dropbox?

See below, we have the ability for people to add virtual maps to Strava in beta testing. Really it is ready to launch from my perspective.

If you choose classic climbs you will have seriously shortend distances because they are big hard hills. I wonder how many people will not use this feature because of that. I think most people interested in speed and distance would rather have a more optimistic speed and distance on most rides which we do if you don’t pick climbs. We have flat routes.

So I am considering adding speed and distance to TrainingPeaks and dropbox but again people might not want the map and only have the map on strava for discussion but now you will have a different distance in strava than TP or another system from the Dropbox file.

I am just thinking out loud as I know any time something is not obvious people get confused and I have a lot of questions.

I´m a friend of samoramobile, and i like, if possible, to participate as beta tester for this ability in Strava.

Cool, hi Jeff, nice to have you. Join the beta group on this groups page

I just added you now to the beta web site users which gives you access to that feature

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Hi Alex, The nice thing about adding distance for strava is to know the amount of “miles” ridden on your bike for replacement of wear parts or resale.

There is another company out there that puts their logo on strava images. I think this would be a good marketing feature to get the word out about TrainerDay. I like the “map” bar graph workout.

Thanks for all the work you do!

Yes I contacted Strava about images and they responded with some bad response… They don’t care about us small guys… Yes I heard that argument about miles in Strava, we have miles now. We even create virtual maps (maps might still be in beta). You are very welcome. I love this project.

You really should talk to David :joy:

I did talk to David. We had a good conversation. We want a mutual integration. But yes I know his Strava pain. I have two linked in “friends” that are connected to the product manager in charge at Strava integrates but I decideded after talking to David (and my experience) that Strava doesn’t care and so we as a community need to find better ways to support companies that want the best for their users not to just always protect themselves. It’s sad because all these top companies seem to be taking this approach.

As I previously mentioned (somewhere) Strava realized they had to do something, if they want to keep rheir paying customers happy.

So, they’re adding tons of useless crap :joy:

I did not see anything I was willing to pay for there… I agree useless or if their is something not useless they sure hide it well.

If both boxes “interesting routes” and “climbs” are unchecked, will there be no route attached to Strava?

Also, is there a way to re-upload a file to Strava if one on Strava is accidentally deleted? I know I can download the .tcx file, but I assume this will no longer have speed/distance

If you check both it will randomly pick one. We want to add maps to dropbox and TP but currently their is no way but if you tell me the day we can set it to re-push I think… :slight_smile:

If it’s not too much trouble, that would be great if you could re-push today’s workout (12/11), my TrainerDay username is velocoach …
I love the distance/speed feature, but I don’t think the maps is one I really plan on using, so I just unchecked both boxes for the time being

We will fix it. Later today.

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Let me know if you have any troubles with it. It’s not a big deal if so

Should sync shortly, let me know if it does not. First time I tried this, but developer says it will work :slight_smile:

Sorry you have to go to apps and setting in the website and click sync on strava to get it to go there…

Cool! That’s a nice little button.
I got that pushed back out. Thank you very much for your help on this!