Allow font size selection and choice of shown parameters

After many years of trainer road, it’s time for something new and I’m trying out TrainerDay. First impressions are really good, and I’m really liking the flexibility of the Coach Jack plans.

In my typical TR setup I would run TR on the iPhone and entertainment on the iPad. But with the advent of Stage Manager to iOS I found it is actually pretty cool to run both apps from the iPad side to side. This is what I’m currently trying out with TrainerDay.

Here’s what my current screen setup looks like:

However, I’d like to be able to:

  • further downsize TD a bit/make youtube a bit bigger. But it’s not allowing me to make TD smaller than what is shown in the image above.

  • The current font size of the parameters in the top 6 boxes is really large. Can this be turned into a setting of choice?

  • I would like to be able to re-organize the parameters. E.g., show watts right under interval on the left. Remove Target watts (as not useful in ERG). Remove total countdown (as potentially demotivating :woozy_face:). Similar to what is possible on a wahoo where you can select the number of parameters to show on the screen and which one goes where.

  • With a smaller font size and only 4 parameters selected, it would then be possible to turn TD into a single strip on the side. Happy days :star_struck:

  • Bonus request: Can the brightness of the app be tuned overall? Also as a setting? I’m often training in the evenings in a semi dark room and try to limit the input of bright visual stimulation. The TD app is then much brighter compared to youtube for instance…

Hi There,

I don’t have a device that supports Stage Manager and I do not (yet) have the latest Xcode w/ simulator that supports iPadOS 16.1 to test my app. (Mine is currently on 16.0 and seems like it doesn’t support stage manager)

Doing some quick research on stackoverflow / youtube / apple developer forums, I can’t seem to find what is the minimum size that a window can be resized to.

A typical website from safari, I think it’s possible that it be resized down to Stock Ticker size (can you confirm?), but other apps installed on the iPad are just normal typical non-website types which has a (somewhat) predefined layout.

Example App below on the iPad and during split view, the conditions are such that when the width > height or vice-versa then the app will automatically switch from landscape view to like Portrait view.

Thus far, I’ve not seen any reference/youtube about apps being able to be minimised down to Stock Ticker Size. (I’m presuming that you meant a size that is like the iPad dock?)

Regarding screen brightness. I’m not entirely sure that we can dim the brightness programatically only for the app. The setting i’ve found is that it will just adjust the phone/tablet’s native brightness (down to 0) which will affect all apps running at the moment.

Have you tried this option in Settings->General->Accessibility->Reduce White Point? I find that this helps to reduce the intensity of the “white” colours which is basically the text on screen.

Thanks for looking into this! I think you are correct that the app can’t be resized to a single column because of limitations in Stage Manager. I thought it was a TrainerDay app limitation, but as you’ve found, the internet seems to suggest it is actually a Stage Manager limitation with the smallest allowed size being ‘iPhone Screen size’ in a vertical split… Likewise Stage Manager is not allowing anything other than 50/50 on a horizontal split…

  • Could the ‘Reduce White Point’ be made an option in the TD settings? Where it could override the default iOS setting? That would be awesome, as then it would be app specific and there would be no need to change it before/after every workout.

  • What about the ability to select the location and visibility of the workout parameters? I think it might appeal to all users, as then you could basically make the TD app look (almost) like your outdoor headunit in terms of what parameter is located where on the screen.

  • What about being able to select a font size?

I do not believe there’s any settings that can override the default iOS settings for that app itself. It should be a system wide setting. But Im not sure. I only found a way to programatically reduce the system brightness (eg below reduces it to 0 brightness)

UIScreen.main.brightness = 0.0 

but this would affect your youtube screen as well.

The app in the splitview images above are not the TD app, that app has the ability to change the parameter locations and choose between 6 to 10 parameters on screen.

sorry couldn’t be of further help.