Allow louder sound option (switch, sound volume slider...)

Hi, I love the app for my it is perfect, do everything I want, but simple… congratulations

I can not find the volume in the app, in my tablet it barely audible when the segment changes.

is there a way to turn up the volume? Besides the up and down buttons of the tablet :sweat_smile:



Thank you Javier, so much!!! Really happy you like it. We do too :slight_smile: No there is no way to turn it up. Let me see if we can booste the volume of the actual recording. I thought I did. It’s actually really loud on my devices but I am mostly on my spin bike that is silent… so… My smart trainer is outdoors and it is too cold… I will respond here after we analyze it a bit.

Ok, great! My tablet is an Ipad Pro, and I have to turn to the max the volume of the tablet to be confortable audible. (no I am not hear_impaired :rofl: and no music, when training…) I am inside also with a Tacx Vortex Smart (with erg) and a Kinetic Road Machine smart 2 Bike Trainer (no erg). Both works great. And sorry for my english if it is not correct…

Thanks again
Regards from Guatemala :guatemala:

Guatemala, cool!!! Your English is great, don’t worry. A lot of foriegners here. Ok I have iPad pro, I will test it. I did try to make it a more subtle sound. I will review, I am sure we can do something simple to make it louder. Everyone else can just turn it down :slight_smile:

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Just a data point, on my Android phone the volume is perfect. I was listening to an audio book while riding today, and the interval notification was heard clearly, but not too loudly over the narration.

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I was thinking about that. It’s always a nice balance for me with music as well with headphones. Yeah, maybe I just need another setting “Louder Sounds.”

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I found a good solution for this type of situation, I buy a headphones with dual connection, with this I can have booth equipment’s connected :wink:

That could be a solution, if there were any bluetooth multipoint headphones that can stream media from two devices at a time. They only allow you to be connected to two devices but stream only from one. Or they let you stream from one and give you notifications from the other.

Yes only stream from one, the TV soun is connect but when TD make the 3 second sound alert we receive that sound and next return to tv sound

Is it possible to alter the notifications for intervals? For increase I get 1 beep at 2 seconds and for decrease I get 1 thunk sound at 2 seconds. Is there any way to maybe beep (or user-defined sound) every second for a user-configurable number of seconds prior to interval end/start? The thunk sound is really easy to miss when going hard and your heart is beating out your ears and all of a sudden the pedals drop out from under you.

Hi Jim, I moved this to this other thread. Read other peoples comments about sound problems. You should vote for this one. I definitely understand your concern. What about a flashing screen as Postmeister suggested?

I have the same type of request, but in my opinion, having 5 beeps (or 10) like the GARMIN EDGE to warn us that the interval is ending, would be perfect. I use headphones to watch movies…and during those 5 seconds I almost always hear the beeps coming from the other other device

Thanks for clarifying your request here. What about creating ramps at the end of your intervals so you don’t have a drastic drop? Just curious.

Ok adding this to the current queue.

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Instead of louder we just added a more beeps option in settings for now.