Allow to Mute interval beep

I don’t see a way to mute the interval beep. It’s really excessive, especially on workouts with ramping or short intervals. I know some people love it. how about a simple checkbox so we can choose if we want it?

Why not just mute the phone?
OR disable beeps under “more options”


Mute phone isn’t ideal, I’m listening to stuff i actually want to hear on it. disable beeps under other options would be perfect. but it’s not there (android app).

Funny you are the first to ask for this. We do have a setting to make it 1 beep not multiple, but so far I have only had people ask for louder beeps. I am like you though. I would prefer no beeps. We are going to be working on improving our beep sounds so we should be able to add a volume or something to resolve your issue. Just not sure how quickly we will be able to get to it but I would guess next 30-60 days.

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I actually like the beeps as a warning when I’m not paying attention, but ironically, haven’t been able to make them work. First workout in the app and my music would pause exactly 3-seconds before every interval, but no beep. That was highly annoying. Second go, music did not pause, but the beep was so faint, it could barely be heard at all in my headphones. Bizarre.

Sorry to hear that jmvcolorado. We are aware of issues with sound on Android, the fix is on the way with next build that is in last phase of testing, we should release it very soon.

That’s great to hear, but I’m on iOS.

What version of iOS and what device? Also do you have the latest version of our app? Not the new one coming out tomorrow but something recent? Also what music or sound source are you using. We don’t know anyone with an iOS sound problem.

iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 17.4.1 (latest), app version 4.6.8. Music source is Apple Music, on the same device, with bluetooth headphones.

I just tested, I have same iOS version, 11 Pro and tried Apple music and it works perfectly with Bose 700 BLE headphones. I use a test workout with lots of intervals and our BLE device emulator. Should work the same as any other setup. What other devices do you have connected?

Actually I just re-read what you said and our sounds are fairly minimalistic, so I guess the style of music could affect how well you hear it. It’s not totally in your face. We want to design some new sounds and options to give you more control. I hear it clearly just listening to some random Apple Music radio… but if you are training hard and not paying attention it’s for sure not in your face and with the right music might be harder to hear.

I should say if you did not know it you can turn on 4 beeps in settings to make it more obvious.