Allow using Garmin Watch "Virtual Run" feature

I had someone contact me to add this feature. Putting feature request here. I have also had a few people request Apple watch so I guess these are similar requests.

I can already use the BLE rebroadcasted HR from my Coros watch which picks up HR through ANT+.
That saves me a BLE channel on my Polar HR strap. I’m using one channel for Garmin Edge recording HRV over BLE and one on Fatmaxxer for DFA-a1 or Fitness_HRV for ECG.

Thanks Alex, this is my feature request to use the Garmin watch “Virtual Run” activity to broadcast the heartrate from the watch via bluetooth to the TrainerDay app (I use a Garmin Fenix and run the TD app on iPhone 11).

One nice feature of the “Virtual Run” activity is that if you connect an Ant+ heart rate strap to your Garmin watch it then broadcasts the heartrate using bluetooth. Bringing back to life those older heart rate straps :slight_smile:

Isn´t it simply showing up in devices when you start broadcasting?
Mine appears as Coros BLE HR source.

I have a 635 which is same as Fenix 5 I think. I will test this feature too. I have done broadcast HR and I thought it worked with our app, but I can’t remember now. I don’t think it was called virtual run, but I am using HR from the wrist not a seperate HR Ant+ strap. I could try to test that as well. I have wahoo strap with Ant+

Garmin 635 / Fenix 5 do not support the Virtual Run activity. Please refer to the following link for the supported Garmin devices:

With the Fenix 6 the HR can be broadcast in two ways:

  • Ant+ by choosing Sensors > Wrist Based Sensor > Broadcast
  • Bluetooth using the Virtual Run activity

Note that when using the Virtual Run activity, the TD app shows the current HR being broadcast from the watch using bluetooth. The problem is that the Virtual Run activity cannot be “started” and a message “Ready to pair” remains on the Garmin watch. After approximately 30 minutes the Virtual Run activity times out and must be restarted for the HR broadcast to continue.

Oh I see. Making more sense. Can you go to your iOS settings/Bluetooth and connect to your Garmin and then connect in our app. That might show Garmin it is connected

Johnathan, so I ordered a Garmin 955. I will be able to test and understand this virtual run feature. I assume you did not get it working yet.

OK great, the Virtual Run feature works with Zwift (cycling) and TrainerRoad so it would be great if it could also work on TD.

Cool, got my watch and love it. A lot better HR than 935.