Alternate Workout on Coach Jack Plan

Hi, I am using a Coach Jack Plan which I like how specific you can get on what days and how much time you have available to train. However on some of the days I might have more or less time so it would be good to be able to click on the Workout for the day and see alternate workouts that are the same focus but longer or shorter.

I think this is a good suggestion.

I just recently came on the platform and am in week 2 of my Coach Jack plan workings towards an event in late July. Iā€™m enjoying the plan so far. Coach Jack has me going through a time crunched plan before a big climbs plan for the peak.


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Glad you guys are liking it and I agree this is a good suggestion :slight_smile:

We are working on building a dynamic version of coach Jack (that allows more real-time adjustments) which would include this. If you are using our Training app, you can always add auto-extend or just merge in a second workout to the first one, but if you are using any other platform and/or like a specific workout / goal to start with I understand.