Android 12 crashing with latest versions (RESOLVED WITH REINSTALL)

I can’t launch the app on Android since this update today, crashes immediately…

I sent the debug stack when prompted

@Alex just a heads up

Same issue on Pixel 6 Pro/Android 12/TD 2.6.5: app crashes immediately upon launching. Clearing the storage gets me to login screen but app crashes after hitting login button.

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Oh no. Very strange. We are on this. Will be fixed today.

It looks like this is a bug that affects Android 12 users. Do you have Android 12 also?

2.6.5 starts correctly on my Android 11. Haven’t done a workout with it yet.

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Ok this is fixed on produciton now with 2.6.7 but since we don’t have Android 12 yet to test on we are not 100% sure until someone confirms.

Ok first user confirmed his Android 12 is still not working. I will update my Android phone soon but I left it some where else so I can’t now.

Alex, I can confirm 2.6.7 is still not working on Android 12. The Login button keeps spinning.

Yes, we see that. That is seperate problem. We have that fixed we will deploy it. It’s fixed in 2.6.8.


Sorry 2.6.8 is available now and is fixed.


I can launch it now, thanks! Android 12 permissions are more strict. A few popups at launch to get them set right but then it looks good

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I’m on 2.6.8 and Android 12. It’s crashing for me today

Sorry to hear that can you uninstall and reinstall and let me know? We fixed many other A12 users so this is strange.

that seems to have worked. Thanks!

Good to hear. Sorry for your trouble.

Ok yes we are seeing users that upgrade still have this problem. We will come up with a fix for this but any Android 12 users should be able to just uninstall and re-install and be fine.