Android app leaves parts of the timeline blank under certain conditions (RESOLVED)

I’ve been traveling for a month and a half, haven’t trained, etc.
So if this potential bug has been documented or even fixed, my apologies for not finding it.
I have been noticing the issue for a couple of months of using the Android app and never got around to posting it here.

The way to reproduce is rather simple, I have tons of screenshots of it happening.
I’d be doing a long workout, be in medium or short term timeline view, eventually the app would stop bothering updating the timeline numbers to the right.
I don’t recall if switching back and forth to long timeline view and back to shorter fixes it, or if the fix is to leave it enough time that it eventually fixes it.

Here are 4 screenshots in sequence from the same workout.
If you need further information, I hope to ride again soon and can document it some more.

You have a very old version of our app. In the latest versions this should be resolved. :slight_smile: