App bug relation to timing?

I did my first Trainerday workout in ages today via the iOS app. I had created a 49 minute VO2max workout, but each interval was cut in half and the overall workout time was a little under 25 minutes. Correctly timed intervals would appear on the screen, but the timer would countdown in twice as fast as it should. Is this is a known problem and how should I go about resolving it?

What tablet/device do you have? This seems to happen on older slower devices.

Hi Alex

Thanks for replying so quickly. I have a 1st gen iPad Pro.

Hmm, I think my iPadPro is 1st gen too but I don’t have any problems. Let me research more and see if we can figure something out. Can you try restarting your device next time before testing and seeing if this happens again?

Will do Alex. I will let you know how I get on. Next workout is scheduled for tomorrow! Thanks for your speedy responses :pray:

You are welcome. Can you also send me a link to yesterday’s workout also?

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Ok I will have a look. I checked and realize I have 2nd gen Pro which is supposedly much faster than 1st. Let us test more though. Maybe something changed recently with performance affecting older devices.

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