App Crash and other things

So on my free 10 workout trial. It’s Monday, I am drinking coffee while on my trainer. Start the app, select Library and select a 30 minute workout call Early and Varied. Just right for how I felt.

First thing I noted was lack of ANT+ support, so my HR monitor doesn’t work. So I will join the chorus line in requesting that be included in the app.

Well 12 minutes into the workout app crashes. Just gone. No messages, nothing. Will this be the first cycling app to crash. No. So is there any additional info I could send you, log files, etc, that would assist in the debug effort?

Restarted the app and the workout. What would be nice here is the ability to skip intervals so that I could have just fast forward to where I was in the ride.

Also, the icon that looks like a fast forward is really a zoom in for the ride. There is no zoom out. This would be good.

Also, when the zoom in icon is now dim, I assume this means it is a maximum, touching the icon ended by ride with no option to continue.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance on working on the crash.

Sorry to hear about the crash. What is your phone again? I don’t think we have many crashes except on old devices. I checked our error DB and don’t see anything errors assigned to your user id. If you have any more info on the crash that would be helpful. We just made a lot of changes to the app internally so there might be a new bug. We are analizing logs of other bugs to make sure and catch them. Your previous workout should have still been there to continue riding.

This is a skip interval button but only works while app is going. Press start and then skip interval if you are not pedalling

To zoom out you can temporarily click on pause and it will show the full workout and hit start again while still riding. We will add zoom feature soon though.

“I have Android 9 Build PPR1.180610.11.G950USQ8DTJ2 with a patch of October 1, 2020.” with location services off :rofl:

You cheated some how :slight_smile: Google says some where that it is requirement for the bluetooth devices we support.

It is not beyond me to cheat. LOL. But I have been doing some reading on this. This was supposed to be removed back in Android 6. And it was not, nor in Android 7. This was a design problem, not a but. But I believe that it is not a requirement in Android 9. Let me do a bit more digging around to see if I can find something more current for what was actually done in Android. I will get back to you.

So, I have the exact same behavior. I have location turned off in my setting on a Sumsung S8 and I can still access my Neo. So the issue is in the pairing and the granting of permission to use location. If you go to Setting + Apps + TranerDay and turn off the permission for location, you will see the issue.

My quote was from you, taken from another thread :sunglasses: I only added the location service off, which you admitted to later in that thread.

I don’t do Android anymore. I’ve been switching between Apple and Android several times, even had both at the same time, but eventually went all in on Apple.

No more Windows disasters and I’ve tried several Linux builds, but eventually dropped that too.

Best thing I’ve ever done, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Alex, I misinterpreted the display. I thought I was fast forwarding to 12 minutes. What is really showed is that I fast forwarded to 18 minutes left. Thanks for the clarification.
I did not see my previous workout. There is nothing in history for that part of the workout. I thought that might be due to me being in trial mode.
Should I have seen that workout some place else.

Vic Z Samsung 8.

Apple got you. Understandable. My younger son is an apple disciple. I have no issues with Windows, Linux, or IOS. I just like to tinker when I can and Windows and rooted Android systems allow me to do that.

So you can read here for some reason it is required while setting up the app. It makes no sense. This is an article about software development but explains the problem.

I actually mean’t that @Cyclopaat cheated, but it sounds like you have both confirmed that once enabled the first time later you can turn it off. I am not Android expert but we have not figured out how to not request location services. It would be interesting to see if Zwift or TrainerRoad do.

I know, like I did in the old days, even with my iPhones :joy:

If it crashes or you close the app before finishing you should see the workout on the training tab just like you had paused it. It should be auto-saved even if the app crashes an you can open the app and continue the workout again. It’s possible it asked you to merge workouts and you said “discard previous?” We will test this more to make sure there is not a new issue.

I didn’t, I just copied his line from the other thread, as I remembered he mentioned it and you didn’t :sunglasses:

Oh I see. I tried it before and it did not work. I am on Android 10 and 11, but I am really an iOS user, I only have these for testing purposes.