App drops out in background

I don’t know if this is an expected behavior (I hope not), but the app stops reading sensors when in the background, and resumes when in the foreground. The resistance at the trainer doesn’t change, fwiw.

This is on a current-model iPad Air running iPad OS 16.

This is not expected. It should work fine in background although on some older phones it might have to do rendering catch up when it comes to forground. I would re-install the app and make sure you say always in background and allow location services and everything. I personally just lost HR monitor in background on a training which is strange so it’s slightly possible there is a new bug but since this version has been out for a few weeks and we have thousands of users it would seem it would be mentioned before now.

I see that you’re running on the iOS version. so there’s no such need to enable location services (like older Android versions I think)

eg: screenshot showing Location services is disabled

I’m pretty sure that TD’s developer has enabled the “Use BT LE Accessory” and it’s highly unlikely that this is turned off between releases.

this is basically because the trainer will still use the whatever power target which was sent to it by the App before you backgrounded it.

BTW - how do you know that the app stops reading sensors in the background? Does the final saved output (FIT file) see 0HR or 0w power once it’s uploaded to Strava or such?

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Nice response. Actually Android requires location services is new “feature.” Because it is technically possible to determine someone’s location via BLE devices (is what I read).

Yes it is… it’s similar to how the Apple AirTag works of sorts… It’s basically something like “crowdsourced” wifi routers

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That’s what I figured.

I can see the graph of power measurements. I saw that when the app was in the background, the graph went to 0, and when it returned to the foreground, the graph returned to a reasonable level.

I should mention that I did take the advice to delete and reinstall, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

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Ok yes, we have a fix for this coming in the next few days. Meaning right now if a device some how disconnects on iOS it does not reconnect automatically. Since we fixed this it might solve this issue.