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Ok, I think I did it.

Every now and then I see people requesting more advanced things like L/R balance, Battery condition, support for sensors other then Power/Trainer. My first thinking is always; Why??
The way I’m seeing this is that we need an app to control our trainer in the best way possible. So everything related to better control and compatibility is a big Yes for me.
BUT I don’t care what is in the TCX after a ride, I don’t use it. I always record on my bike computer which has L/R balance, battery alerts and so on. I send the workout to my Bike Computer as well and start both simultaneously, so I got targets and laps on Garmin Connect, laps in Golden Cheetah, every possible sensor ANT+/BLE output on my bike computer screen. I also don’t need any form of post ride analysis on the app because I got that on my bike computer and afterwards in Golden Cheetah and Garmin Connect.
What I’m trying to say: if we want the app to be sustainable and affordable, would we not better avoid all this redundancy?
This is, off course, if almost all users have a bike computer. If the majority of users don’t, then I can see the usefullness.
And off course, everybody can disagree with me. I just want people to start thinking about their requests and the need for them.
Looking forward to see what the others think about this.

Okay Alex, this is at least one other who’s ‘warning’ you :zipper_mouth_face:

The bike computer is perhaps a thing - not everybody has that. Then again, that goes for a lot of things you mention(ed), like L/R pedals, a Vortex (I make one with my ventilators, but I have a Neo), HR monitor.

Garmin Connect is fine if you have a Garmin device, otherwise it’s pretty much useless, or at least, it would require manual uploads. You’d be better off with Strava or - David is working on ripping himself free from the Strava boundaries.

Only to be confronted with the next platform imposing limitations, but anyway…

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So I’m on a dumb trainer, and the controllability seems to me the only substantial absence from this list. Thus far it seems we have - and have quite fine:

  • Fast start and simple UI
  • Easy selectable workouts
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Training Plan functionality
  • Landscape mode

At some point, all these additions will either 1) undercut the whole point of this platform’s simplicity and streamlined experience or 2) force it to compete with other flashy platforms that are overpriced. Things like strava integration, pedal balance, yadda yadda yadda… my sense of this app’s value is that it cuts through all that nonsense and gets people on the bike faster and in a more structured way.

All those other things are well and good if you have the means or the interest, but it seems a bit overweening to ask for all these things at the current price point.

This platform has been my exclusive go-to since it perfected the integration with Garmin workout exports. If I’m not on the trainer using the iPad, I’m on the road using the Garmin. What else do we really need?

If there’s development to be made, it seems it’s less in the direction of analytics - loads of resources for that elsewhere - and more in the realm of plan development (ie, compliance monitoring, adjustability based on established TSS or IF target values, and the like).


Yes don’t worry, I am not doing everything everyone is asking for just listening and seeing if I can find simple solutions or roll things into bigger solutions, but I am focused on this simple low priced market at this time and working on the bigger fish to fry in the background.

We are on the same page. You’re better at explaining it :wink:

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That’s exactly what I’m expecting. A feature request section is something like a brainstorming section. I have an idea, crazy or not, and the community can vote for it or not. And in the end, you have to decide, if it’s possible to do it with reasonable effort.
I’m not expecting you to put every request into the app. But sometimes great things come out of crazy ideas :smiley:

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Thanks guys, yes perfect.

Thanks for the heads-up on I have been looking at and would really like to start using it. But I’m not a fan of Strava. Looks like David will be forced to start using something else to pull the data from and GC seems the most logical place. I will for sure give it a try as soon as it pulls data from GC.

He’s already put workout uploads and wellness data downloads hooks into the Garmin system.

The activity sync will be there soon.

I’ll be gladly dumping Strava once this is in place.

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Everywhere we see “improved” applications, new fancy functions, introducing new bugs.

But they forget that basic functions must be stable. Bugs in these functions can be hard to get rid of, because many different setups. And it’s not so fancy to fix a bug which only minority was affected by, and can be hard fix. If the basic functions (start, stop, download, upload etc.) are working without problem, it shows quality of an application.

(Maybe I’m unfaire, but for example take my Garmin 530. There are new bugs introduced almost with every update. In my opinion, a low quality product. Even so I like my Garmin and I have to live with those bugs).

Yeah we are super small but we want to minimize new features over stabiliity and simplicity but we are so new that their is critical stuff for lots of people still missing (well not so much now other than Ant+). So I fully agree with you and Garmin is bad considering how big they are and once they have a newer device they don’t care about the older ones.

Hi @Cyclopaat, can I ask you a favour?
I started using because it now pulls workout data from GC. But i’m not getting back a confirmation mail to activate my account. I’m sure my mail adress is correct (signed in with Google) and tried a “resend” from within and on the forum. Can’t post on the forum because account is not activated and can’t activate account because not getting a confirmation mail. Could you bring this to David’s attention? My user name is MedTechCD and mail adress is

Never mind, I contacted David via Facebook

Cyclopaat told me he was taking forum break for a while… :slight_smile: both intervals and ours. David is great. They have a good forum too on intervals icu.

I have no doubt that David is great but I can’t post on the forum because I can’t activate my account :unamused:
I was succesfull in reaching him by e-mail and Facebook. Should be sorted out soon.

Oh right :slight_smile: He is just swtiching to this Garmin system so he probably has bugs in his login/authentication now.

I agree with this sentiment. I do the same, ie record the ride on my Garmin which then syncs to just about everything. I’d have thought that anyone who is into cycling enough to invest in a smart trainer would also have a bike computer for their outdoor riding. Stability and flexibility within the app should be the main thing but the app has already achieved that (at least for my use case scenario) then us humans always want more!

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