App Expectations

Would it be an idea to start a topic on what people expect from the TrainerDay app?
Here’s my list anyway:
Must Have:

  • Simple ERG Player
  • Easy switching between ERG and Slope mode
  • Fast start and simple UI
  • PowerMatch
  • Easy selectable workouts
  • Affordable Pricing

Nice To Have:

  • Training Plan functionality
  • ANT+
  • Landscape mode

The nice thing is that the my Must Have list is almost complete :grinning:
I for sure don’t need a Post-Ride analysis on here, because there are already enough alternatives.

I agree. I will add more but here are some must have

  • Rock solid stable, not crashing (99% there)
  • If it does crash save the workout (we have this feature now)
  • Automatically send to Strava, TrainingPeaks and Dropbox (we have this now)

More nice to have

  • Send to Garmin Connect automatically
  • Speed and Distance is important to many people (we have it now for Strava only)

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Speed and distance is a little bit overrated, especially for indoor rides. It does make sense if you are stuck indoors and use Strava, participating in their challenges, as these days they finally include indoor rides. It only took a pandemic to get them to do that…

Other than that, power and HR (RPM if you must) are the only useful metrics.

True that :rofl:

(Can you lower the minimum required number of characters for a reply please? To 10 or so)

Ok, I think I did it.