App Interface Question - Different Watts & Target Options?

In the DemoForMaxim video on YouTube, at around 3:05, you show how you can toggle between items to show different things in the app. Can you tell me what’s the difference between the two watts readings? The difference between the two target readings? I’m not sure I get why there are two and which one I should be using since I am new to all of this.

Thank you.

Great question. This question deserves its own video for an answer but I am on vacation so it will have to wait.

Funny you found that video. It’s supposed to be private, that I was sharing with my designer :slight_smile:

Target watts or target percentage is the same thing, just a different way of looking at it. Your FTP is the power you can do for 40-60 minutes. Say that is 200 watts for simplicity. So 140 watts and 70% of FTP are the same thing just two different ways to look at it. That way our blue charts look the same for everyone but stronger riders the watts will be higher but percentages will be higher because they have a higher FTP.

Hope that helps.