App is not stable (iphone 12 mini memory?)


iPhone 12 mini
iOS 16.1.1.

I have the same problem at the end of each workout session: when I click on the stop button, the app freezes and disappears immediately. When I press it, it appears and disappears after 1 second. I have to turn my phone off and on again for the app to respond again. Very problematic.
Thanks for your help.


Sadly our app is a memory hog. Since this is the first time we have heard of this and the first time I have heard of someone using an iPhone 12 mini, I did some research.

This article points out that others have problems with apps crashing due to memory problems.

I can have my developer review the logs and see if he can see the issue but crashes like this would have a high likelyhood of being memory releated.

We need to come up with a process for reducing the memory requirements but this a big expensive task and as phones get faster and better we would expect it to become less and less of a problem.

I wish I had a better solution. Doing multiple short workouts would be one solution but that is painfull. Do you have any other devices to test on?

Thanks Alex, i will follow your advice and try with an iPad.
Another thing I was thinking about what to turn off the auto prolongation.

Do you think that it could help ?


That should not change anything but my guess is using the iPad will.