App: Make Heart-rate targets user definable so that target matches the power target

I tested a target HR workout to see if it matches with target power.
Result, it differs a lot.

In my training, i am on target 140w power, my heart rate is 110bpm.
Still staying on 140w power, I switch to HR target, the HR target displayed is 132bpm, while it should be displayed at 110bpm.
Test carried out on the last interval, so with my heart rate at the highest.
My max heart rate is set to 166pm.

What method of calculation do you use to calculate the target HR?

Originally we had this using Coggan’s comparison of HR to Power.

That was not totally accurate and had a bug as well.

HR vs power is very individual so there is no one size fits all. Right now we don’t have any special math but this makes it “wrong” meaning it’s very likely for many people their HR will be higher than the target during a power based workout.

At the moment you would have to create HR workouts or just drop the target about about 15% (again it depends on the workout and the intensity level). So a 70% of FTP workout might be 60% of HR for example. Not sure if my explanation helped.

Thanks Alex, I will adapt the target in the workout.

The ideal would be that in the app we could enter these -15% in the user parameters for a session with HR target. Everyone could adjust this value to their individual case.

This would avoid creating separate workout for HR target.

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That’s a good suggestion. I will change this topic to a feature request. A generic adjustment of 15% still won’t be that accurate but a lot more accurate than it is now and should be close enough for most of the types of HR training people do Z1-Z3/Z4…

Hi Alex,
for the HR ratio you can fill in 1.15 but not 1.05.
Is this a bug?

Looks like my developer was trying to do something creative but yes this is a bug. I will have him fix this.

Thanks Alex


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Thank you for the quick fix

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