App not working correctly for cadence only recordings

Hello. I created a workout of 40 min. At the end, I decided to carry on for another 10 minutes, with the extended cooldown, but after that, only the last 10 minutes were saved. What happened to the other 40 minutes?

Hello Rochele, sorry to hear if you lost part of your workout. I have not heard of any issue like this. I am looking at your data, it appears you are not using a heart rate monitor or a power meter? Only speed sensor/cadence sensor. If not our application won’t really work correctly. We don’t support virtual power yet (meaning converting speed to power). So yes sorry we need to make an improvement for people that are just using a cadence sensor, or app does not work correctly in this case.

It happened again. I did a workout of 50 min and I pressed “finish” 03 seconds after the workout was done and it only recorded 3 seconds. I have a speed sensor, a cadence sensor and a HR one.

Sorry Rochele most users here use power meters. We are working on adding virtual power which converts speed to power which will improve the experience for riders like you. Let me review your last ride and see the HR data. It should work fine if you are recording HR. You can turn of “auto-extend” in the settings and it will end on it’s own and you should not have this problem but we will fix this ASAP so it works correctly with our without HR. Sorry about that. I will post back here on progress.