App sensors must be deleted and added again to control trainer

Just checking to see if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve started using the Trainer Day app to control rides on Zwift and I noticed that I have to delete the attached sensors and reattach them to get them controlling the trainer. It’s this normal or should they automatically connect and start controlling without having to delete and reconnect them?

Normally if you are not using Zwift you should never have to do this. It’s possible that you have an Ant+ device that is trying to control your trainer? So Zwift could be taking control if it is using Ant+. Since disconnecting and reconnecting fixes it, it sounds like there might be something we could do, to automatically force our app to take over. Or Zwift is could be holding bluetooth connection? Possibly starting zwift first and then our app, or our app and then zwift might fix it too.

Hi Alex!

Thanks for the quick reply. I let Zwift come fully up and ready and the started the TD app and the connected sensors worked without having to remove and re-apply. I will keep this in mind going forward.


Oh yes, we will see if we can do something to improve this also (not sure). I think it is called Initiate Trainer Control. We might call it when we first connect and then Zwift overwrites it when it loads.