App unresponsive when clicking on Activities

The app gets frozen/unresponsive when pressing the activities button on the lower right corner,

The button disappear after clicking on it, activities never show up, and the app doesn’t respond to any other button actions

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Strange have not seen this yet. We will investigate.

Yep, I’m seeing the same thing on the Android app

Ok interesting. We have test automation running on android that covers this case. Can you guys provide phone models and android versions.

Samsung S22+

Android 14

Google Pixel 4a
Android 13

Thanks guys. If it keeps happening please let me know. We are still trying to reproduce it. If one of you can reproduce it regularly then maybe we could have you work with my developer to show him if we can ever reproduce it. We have seen app freezes before but never in this case and very rarely.

Sorry to inform that it keeps happening.

I just tried out after your mesage.

I downloaded the latest version yesterday

Here’re my screenshots

After finish and saving the any workout, it dos show all the activities list, I can click on any and it shows the activity details

Super strange. My developer is on vacation but plans to start working at some point on his vacation so I will see when he has time to look at this. The other option is I could change your password and try to login as you and see if it is related to your account and tell you the new password. Even at a quick predetermined time.

Yes no problem to try out a new password. Let me know the pass

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Ok I logged into your account on both iPhone and Pixel 6 / A14 and both worked perfectly. All I can say is uninstall and re-install our app and see if that fixes it.

Uninstall and reinstall send to have sorted it. Will see how it goes!

Google Pixel 8 Pro here and I see the same behavior. However after I clicked on Activities the button disapear but if I wait 5-6 seconds it goes to the activities page.

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Ok, good insight. We recently added strava to activities there might be a performance issue.