App Update 3.0.8 - slope mode

Hi Alex

Thanks for the latest updates & additional features.

Just completed my first workout after the update and unfortunately slope mode does not seem to be working as it used to.

The app now disregards all of my preset slopes and just starts at 3% like it used to before the saved slope specific workouts were possible.

Hopefully this is just a little bug rather than a switching back to the old system.

Kind regards


Oh no this is a bug. We will get this fixed ASAP. We are trying to improve it so if you say + 1% it’s +1% to your existing slopes that can be change.

That would be awesome. Thank you very much for all of your hard work & dedication.

Yes, we reproduced the issue. Temporary if you make your first interval ERG and next intervals slope mode it works correctly now but we should have this fixed in the next day or two. Sorry about that bug and you are welcome.

Hi Alex

Hope you are well.

Not sure if the latest update to iPhone version 3.0.9 addresses the above but from my first ride with it for me it is still not working correctly. Also I have not had any joy with the work around. each time I switch from erg to slope during the workout it defaults to 3%.

Could just be my set up? Tacx Neo 2, Assioma Duo power match and iPhone XR.

Kind regards


Sorry about that. 3.0.9 fixed the slope issue for us. Your setup should be fine. Can you send me a link to the workout?

Hi Alex

This was this mornings workout Trainer Day - Workout: 3.2 Pettit (M21)



Oh, no,… found the problem. Ok we put slope/resistance on the main page and my developer and tester did not realize that slope in first interval should not change until it says ERG in another row/interval. You could temporarily add slope to each interval (copy and paste from excel) and fix it but the bug fix will be in the next day or so. Sorry again. I am not at my house so I could not test this. I also have Neo/Assioma… :slight_smile:

Well done!!

Thanks once again for all your hard work … and no problem it is a fantastic dynamic training tool and obviously from time to time there will be the inevitable minor issue as the product becomes more & more complex. :+1:

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Yes our problem is being small we can’t afford great full-time testers so have to rely on great part-time guys that do it partially for fun :slight_smile: and because they belive in the product. We keep growing eventually we will be able to afford it. Thanks.

Hi Alex

3.0.10 worked perfectly this morning. Thank you very much :+1:.

Regarding part time testers I have a couple of other things I have noticed but did not mention as they are minor and don’t bother me too much.

Firstly the sound works perfectly on my iPhone however if I mirror it to a Samsung TV the sound works great at the start but after a little while it stops. If I adjust the volume on my phone it sometimes comes back on for the next few intervals and then may or may not go off a few intervals later. No obvious pattern but I don’t remember doing a workout where all interval sounds were played by the TV.

Secondly, lap power does not work for me. The icon rotates as it should but the power number shown all of the time is my 3 second power. For what it is worth it would be great to have an option in settings or to be able to tap the HR display so that that panel could display either HR or Lap Power. But it is probably a lot of work and not an optimal use of your resources.

Anything else I spot I will let you know.

… and yes it is FUN :heart_eyes:

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Sweet Karl!!! :slight_smile: That is very interesting on the sound issue. Have you tried other apps and sound with mirroring? That sounds like it is not our issue but you never know…

So I just tested lap power (interval averages) in test mode with a ramp and it’s very obvious it is working fine there. I don’t remember are you using power match? Have you tried an interval with a ramp, at the end of the ramp you can see a big difference between them. Unless maybe this is a problem in slope mode some how (or with a real trainer not test mode).

Here is a 5-second video showing it working. If you are 100% sure it is an issue please let me know and I will have my tester, test it more deeply.

Can you create a new feature request on the “show lap power all the time” you are right HR and RPM fields are under utilized at the moment since you can get to search for devices by clicking on the device count now. That’s actually a fairly simple request. I guess this is useful for all the non-erg users.

Hi Alex

Regarding sound I am sure you are right. Not tried other apps with the TV but will give it a go.

Regarding lap power absolutely 100% certain it is not working for me in slope mode. For example today I was doing an endurance ride after my run and 5mins into a 65% interval I did a bit of a “sprint” and both instant and lap power were within 1-2 watts of each other prior to, during and after the little “sprint”. Yes the video works perfectly so I will try it in Erg mode during my next workout to prove for me that it is just an issue within slope mode.

Will create a new feature request as suggested.

Ok, I will ask my dev to test slope mode. We will get this fixed.