Apple Watch app request (completed)

Hi I would love to be able to use and see my workout on my Apple Watch. Since I switched to a AW6 I’ve stopped using my Garmin edge and HR monitor because it’s already on my wrist. Any plans for a Apple Watch app to see planes intervals and basic progress?

Hello Simon, we don’t have any plans now. I would say first step would be to allow people to use apple watch as HR monitor but still record on the phone/tablet. Would using your watch as HR monitor be interesting or only the “full AW app solution?” I am just brain storming ideas right now and trying to understand your needs.

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using as a HR monitor would be good yes to avoid the strap with the app esp. at home on the turbo.
and on that subject i can no longer sync to garmin after making an update to my plan @Alex …any ideas why this is? i’m connected and it says its working but just not showing up in my GC cal or on my edge 530

Strange can you send me a link to your plan? You can also try pushing 1 week at a time. Normally even a workout that Garmin does not accept should not cause a plan pushing problem.

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i tried a single week as well and still no joy and now i go through all the linking steps and it completed and then it still says connect to garmin rather than connected

This should be fixed sorry abou that. We had a server problem today and garmin service broke. I think I have a fix in place that this should not happen again.

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all done perfect thanks a lot @Alex it was super quick as well! :grinning:

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Would be really helpful to have apple watch as HR monitor if that is possible.

Oh yes, that is a very practical request. I agree with that. Let me research that idea.

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I have just starting to use the app. It looks what i need, very practical, simple…
What i really miss and it was mentioned under this topic is that i cannot use my Apple watch as a HR monitor. It would be great to add that feature. Any plans on that?
Apple watch app for me is not necessary.

I believe Apple Watch, by default does not broadcast the HR from the optical sensor.
In order to do that, you would have to install a 3rd party app.

Did you try installing a 3rd party app that can broadcast? Then you can connect it to any App on the Phone/Tablet as a Bluetooth HR Sensor.

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i didn’t. I was not aware of this technical issue.

What would be the app that you would recommend?

Interesting. I did not realize this was possible. Just doing quick google search I see these below.

Here is one but only 2.9 stars.

Here is one that is 4.0 stars

i tired Watchlink and it did not work me, however it would be great if anyone can check for other trainer devices. I have Elite one with bluetooth and ANT technology.
let me know.

watch link needs a separate dongle:

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what do you mean? Can you clarify?

Oops deleting this message I was wrong :slight_smile:

Yes please explain. I don’t understand what you need either.

I tried to connect using Watch link app and Elite bike trainer. It would be great if someone can test some other app and other bike trainer.

I am not sure that my test was technically 100% correct.

As noted by @maamen the WatchLink app needs a separate dongle for it to work. Please try it w/ heartcast which suppsoedly does not need a dongle and “should work”

Unfortunately I can’t help test. I don’t have an Apple Watch.