Are custom workouts only premium?

The title says it already: I’ve signed up for a free membership and created my first workout to test the app with my trainer. However, after pressing the sync button in the app nothing happens. There is no drop down list where I can see my own workouts. Does this mean any workout except for the ‘20-Free App Workouts’ are only availabe with a premium account?

*Sidenote: If I click ‘ride now’ on the website, the workout is displayed in the app as it should be.

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments!

Then you seem to have found a workaround because, yes, free use is limited to 20 random workouts. :grinning:

Ok, thanks for the quick answer.

Then I completely missunderstood what is meant by

  • Community workouts and plans are free
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Send Workouts “any where”
    cause all this is only useful with premium.
    Very disappointing …

Anyone around who knows an app that can just ‘play’ erg files? Thats all I need (my headunit unfortunately lacks fe-c).

Sorry if there is any confustion. The free version includes

  1. Communty workout creation and sharing with other platforms
  2. Community Plans and our free plan creation tool
  3. 20-workouts in our app

If you want to have more that 20-workouts in the app you must upgrade to premium.

There are many free apps. GoldenCheetah is one.

Yeah funny we tested this and it should not be possible :slight_smile: but I guess it is now…

Yes, its clear now :smiley:
Just found golden cheetah too, thanks for pointing it out!

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ERGVideo also has a free mode for running erg workouts and is probably more intuitive compared to Golden Cheetah.
You can only use it when online and there are adds for their own video’s but it’s not too intrusive.

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This app is also free. It’s quite new to the market, so there may be some bugs

So you’ve found a loophole? :upside_down_face: