At segment change app does not adjust resistance according to next segment

Recently I’ve encountered some problems with my workouts.
Trainer Day (28th june)
I’m not sure if it’s visible activity but this was the first with problem, and all later go the same pattern.
As you can (or cannot?) see on segment change from: 5 min @ 50-70% (50-70w) to 5 min @ 70-75% (70-75w) it looks like app is ordering trainer (DiretoXR) to increase resistance according to first segment slope. I need to take a pause, hear trainer move magnets and continue, then everything is OK. This happens every time I use this workout since 28th june.

Strange, a few users are reporting some strange issues and this might be related. We are trying to figure how what is going on. Some people seem to be having success by uninstalling our app and re-installing it but we will hopefully find the solution quickly as well.

Hi please update to latest version of our app and let me know if you still have issues.

I’ve updated and today it looks like problem did not occur :slight_smile:

Anyway, is lack of HR scale on the right side OK now? Because I’ve realized that HR line now somehow matches power line (at least before I’ve started to feel fatigue) but I’m not sure if it’s based on some HR zones using max HR set?

Glad it is working. Sorry, I am not fully understanding what you mean by hr mode.

This is screen from history but in general this is the way workout looked when perofrming. With HR scale at the left and HR curve being rather much detached from power curve.

Now it look more like this. HR scale is not visible and HR curve will be drawn somehow close to the power curve.

Is it UI change that was done on purpose? Does it somehow autoscaled to match HR curve with power curve for given Power/HR zone?

The problem with HR displaying the scale axis will be fixed in the next release

Ok, thanks for information. So then as for this topic, everything is clear and seems to be working OK :slight_smile:

@Alex I’ve encountered similar problem today, but I see something went wrong even more. Training has been saved two times. I’ve removed copy and now I see that original one is gone too. I have it on Strava only but I guess there’s no debug data there.

But if by power of admin you can view deleted workouts then the one from today, 17th 6:20 AM between minutes 40 and 45 resistance started to raise without request (desired power did not change at all). It was not on segment change etc. Just during normal operation. If I’ll encounter this once more, I’ll try to keep this saved.

If you close the app and re-open it your workout should re-appear and not be duplicated. You will also see it in the website. I will review the workout soon. We thought this duplicate bug was fixed, and sad to hear the control of your trainer is not perfect either.

Hello after summer @Alex

Recently I’ve started to use my home trainer again and straight away I’ve encountered similar and other issues. Let me explain:

  1. Random power curve change. Seems to be in line with the curve but offseted. Pause + restart recovery.
  2. Random change of curve. It looks like trainer is constantly increasing resistance. Pause + restart recovery.
  3. The same as number two.
  4. Change of gearing on rear cassette to higher sprocket. You can see instantaneous reduction of power and counter reaction from trainer, however last home season I’ve changed gears sometimes and trainer has stabilized this fluctuation of power after no more than 5 seconds and after that average power was on par with requested by workout. Now it looks like power has been stabilized on much higher level. Pause + restart recovery.

HR mode. Both peaks are just random offset applied to requested power. Pause + restart recovery.

  1. Again, change of curvature, random increased slope steepnes. Pause + restart recovery.
  2. It looks like no. 1 however in the end it has stabilized by itself.

Trainer Day - Workout: Endurance 60 min this is workout I’m using. Is it somehow incorrectly described and steps needs to be adjusted?

In general it looks like after summer application stability and perfomance has been decreased.

Hi we have made a lot of changes over summer and in general related to performance and timing issues. We really believe those issues should be behind us now other than the occasional low battery issue that might cause slow downs especially in long workouts.

Sorry even though you provided a lot of detail. I am not completely understanding your issues here. First can you tell me are you using power match or an extra power meter with your trainer and what trainer do you have? This is the first I have heard in a long time about any power target issues. No one is reporting this so you are the first so that is why I am wondering if it is power match related.

When you say “Pause + restart recovery” Does that mean when you pause and restart it fixes the issue?

I am confused at what you mean by HR mode since the screenshot you showed was a workout with a ramp and I don’t think this is possible unless you figured out a secret hack. HR mode should always show the the flat warmup blue chart.

I’m using EliteDireto XR over Bluetooth. I guess it’s Power Target mode. Also I’m using external cadence sensor (over BT too).

By pause + restart (continue) recovery I mean that after this cycle resistance of trainer returns to correct value to meet target power and I can continue workout.

As for HR mode, I’ve pasted three links to workouts. Two with target power and one in HR mode. No screenshot for HR mode as it was more straightforward.
Trainer Day - this is HR mode workout.

Oh my yes that is a bug in my new algorithm on the HR. I was trying to do something creative and it obviously caused an issue. I will process your workout and figure what the problem is with my code and fix it.

So after talking to lots of people it always seems Elite devices are a little more temperamental in ERG mode. You see posts like this.

but our tester has a Suito and it seems to work fine. Are you Android or iOS? If these power target ERG problems are easy to reproduce and you are willing to work with my developer I am sure we could get it fixed even if it is Elite related. Your cadence sensor should not affect anything.

I’m using Android, I’m software developer myself and I guess I can help with debugging. As for now it looks like there’s glitch at every workout I’ve done since start of “home season”, some of them similar to each others so I guess they are reproducible.

In general random ramp-up slope steepness and behavior when changing gears is reproducible. Those “linear offset” problems are new and I can observe if they occur again.

I guess I’ll get apk with some debug info&logging then?

Cool, a dev, great. Yes exactly. apk with logging. It’s best if we work 1:1 in real-time and he can usually make some quick tweaks to code and get something solved in 30 - 60 minutes of your time and you can spend most of that time just pedalling :slight_smile: I will send you personal message here.