Automatic My Calendar Sync to Zwift w/o TrainingPeaks

So there are 3 ways to get workouts to Zwift

  1. Using TrainingPeaks (soon we will have sync calendar to TP)
  2. Download ZWO files and add to Zwift manually
  3. A new option that I think is cool :slight_smile:

So for option number 3. All you would have to do is visit your “TD My Calendar” page once a week and your weeks workouts will be synced automatically to your zwift folder on your computer. There are some limitations and some benefits.

  1. Limit: You must open the calenar on a computer with zwift and after opening calendar start zwift to load the workout and sync to all your devices

  2. Limit: You must use chrome browser but possibly safari or firefox will work

  3. Beneifts are if you modify “My calendar” it will auto sync immediately

  4. We can support the zwift free ride feature meaning your warmups and most of the duration of your Coach Jack workouts can be free ride with short interval periods.

  5. You no longer need TP (or one extra system). If you are using TP premium, I am not sure the beneifts of this approach are worth it.

I see #2 as a huge benefit. You get to spend most your time in zwift just riding free ride which I feel is more fun than ERG in zwift. You just need to try to target approximate zone of secondary work and not work too hard all the time :slight_smile:

I am wondering if people see this as a great option.


Meaning, you can support the free ride with terrain changes (i.e, <slope=1> in the tag)? That would be a nice feature.

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I agree 110%. I even tried to convince Zwift they should allow us direct integration because of this feature. I also tried to convince TrainingPeaks to support this. So this is the problem, we don’t send ZWO file to TP as they don’t support that and they don’t support the conecpt of free-ride at all. To me this is so important but the only way to do it is with files. I was working on an automated file sync process with zwift too, which can be done from the browser (partially) but it did not work they way I hoped.

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yes. I do.

I currently download the whole plan and put it in zwift. But I guess in cases like mine where I setup a plan for an event in june 2023, it would also make sure I keep my subscription. :\



I think option #3 would be a great option. Especially with the free ride.

But do I understand it correctly that option #3 is currently not implemented/working? I tried it with my setup and workouts did not show up in Zwift.

No we don’t have #3 working. As I mentioned later it did not work as smoothly as I would like. I think we would need to develop a little app that you install on mac or pc to make this work but for people using appletv or other devices it would require them go to mac or pc and start it to make sure it syncs. A bit painful. Our calendar does sync to TrainingPeaks but still have no free-ride option. We are going to improve CJ to be more free-ride/slope mode focused for better z2 hr workouts and at that time (soon) maybe we can re-visit this and see if we have any good ideas.

cool, thanks for the update. I have the trainingpeaks sync working, so no worries, but would indeed be nice to not having to go via that route.

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