Back button should take you to workouts tab not TODAY

Smart Phone: I would like to have a redirect on the smart phone e.g. to WORKOUTS as I start my training by selecting my workout.

I am confused. How does the app know what your workout for today is (other than what is on the TODAY tab already)? :slight_smile: Can you explain more?

When I startup the App (Android) it goes directly to Cycling Warmup.
With the Arrow on the top left I jump to the TAB Today. Afterwards I have to press the TAB Workouts at the bottom and I can select on of these workouts.
After startup I like to go directly to the TAB Workouts. This should be configurable.

Sorry I am still confused. I think I get it but let’s make sure which option you mean.

Now, you have it configured now to start on quick start so it starts with the warmup tab/quick start tab. To be clear you can turn that off and start on today as the default.

So two possible options

  1. If you are saying you would prefer to start on quick start but have it go to workouts when hitting back button, I understand the idea but the setting would be way too confusing for anyone else to understand.

  2. If you are just saying start on workouts tab that would be more clear and something I had in my mind as well.

You gave me an idea though. 99% of the people that are currently doing a workout, do not want to change to another today tab workout, they want to select something from their library, as mixing and matching workouts is a more advanced feature. So I would say the only time the back button goes to the today tab is after clicking from the today tab. So rather than a setting, I think your desired idea of starting on quick start and back takes you to workouts (if that is what you wanted) makes the most sense for almost everyone using this merging feature.

I moved this to a new topic.

Rolf, do you agree with me here?

This is reasonable way, if 99% use the app workouts tab and only a few use today tab workout. Otherwise it should be configurable.

No, I am saying for anyone that starts on today and hits back it goes back to today. So my guess is 99% start and would want this

  1. Click workout from today (go back to today)

  2. Start from workouts, go back to workouts

  3. Start from quick start, go back to workouts.

I think it would be very rare for someone to start on quick start and want to go back to today.