BPM and Watts display on IOS changing position depending on mode

The BPM and Watts display on IOS app change positions when switching between ERG and HR+ modes. They used to stay in the same position regardless of mode you are in. This is also the behavior for the Live streaming view - positions do not change.

Here’s a screenshot starting out in ERG mode:

And then when switching to HR+ mode, BPM and Watts change place:

Then they switch back again when going back to ERG mode:

We changed this because we felt logically it makes a lot more sense. Target Watts changes to Target BPM and what the system should do is match the bpm to the target so they are connected now.

When in HR+ mode in theory the watts don’t matter… I realize theory and reality likely don’t always match in this case…

But we surely need to fix that display for the next interval to 5:00 (50 bpm) in this case. Also happy to hear your opinion.

Ahh, thanks for the insight on the change and how they are intentionally connected.

Yes, the display for next interval could use some tweaks. Smaller font would probably be too small to read, but maybe a couple point size reduction could work?

Cool. Yes, instead of what you saw it if said. 5:00 @ 50 bpm for example it would be fine

Yes, that would work.

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