Broadcast to TV GCN+ App

Hi Alex

The new (Version 3.2.5) feature to be able to broadcast real time workout to the TV YouTube app is great.

It would be lovely if it was possible to do the same thing with the TV GCN+ app as this is my preferred TV viewing during workouts.

Fantastic updates in this latest version. Thank you very much.


So I don’t see any possible way to broadcast to GCN app. And generally the GCN+ app is not a windows or mac app. It is possible to watch the web page above our page. You just have to shrink ours to the minimum and put it at the bottom and theirs at the top. We could build a chrome plugin for example that would make a popup with our data viewer in it that hovers over the GCN page for example. Does any of this make sense? Am I confused?

Makes sense and I understand what you are saying. The GCN+ app is a TV app rather than a computer app.

Hovering a chrome plugin would be nice (a bit like Xert?) but also I am happy enough with the work arounds that you have suggested.

So see what other users think before committing time & resources to a chrome plugin.

Thanks once again for all your help Alex.