Broken UI on M1 Mac (Fixed)


just updated the app on my M1 Mac and the UI is completely broken. I did complete the workout and the data was correct at the end but I had no visibility during the workout.
Here is how the app looks. It is stuck in this split view and no graph is shown. It stays like this with only the time ticking down.

Thanks for looking into this. Best regards.

Oh no sorry. We tried to improve split screen and it caused strange other issues

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Strange. I tried it on my mac and it looks fine. See below. But I noticed if the window is not tall enough then it looks broken.

But we will still improve this right away so it works like it did.

Yeah I should have tested this but you are right, it only breaks when you reach a certain aspect threshold. Iā€™m used to having the app fullscreen so that definitely breaks it. If I make it half screen width like you then it is OK yeah. Good catch.

Thinking about this may affect landscape orientation when on the phone, maybe something to try.

Thanks for looking into it. Best reagrds.

We have a fix done that should be available today.

Great thanks :smiley:

Yes, fixed on my M1 :slight_smile:

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Coming back to say thank you for the quick fix. Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend.

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